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First blog post here : yeah !

So I thought it would be nice to add an English blog on this site, as I already have a blog in French, but it is more general and less “costumes” oriented. Let’s talk about some of my upcoming projects 🙂

I have just finished Shani from The Witcher 3‘s DLC “Hearts of Stone“, I will soon make a constructions note post to explain everything I did on this costume. It will take some time until I get the opportunity to make a proper shooting of it, but if you follow me on FB and Insta, you can already see some work in progress pictures of it. Shani is my second costume from The Witcher series, you can check out my classic Yennefer here, and I think it will not be the last, there are a lot of other characters I love (Iris, Cerys and Philippa mostly).

Next will be my first group project of 2018 : a complete Sailor Moon princesses group with a lot of talented and beautiful girls. The shooting is planned in may and I will be Princess Pluto. Pluto is my favourite Senshi, I already made her classic fuku and her Eternal fuku years ago (sorry I don’t have very goo pictures of them). I already have all the fabrics at home and will start soon, so work in progress pictures might pop on my social media too.

Then I will finally start another version of Morrigan from, Dragon Age. You can see my Winter Palace version here. I already gathered most of the stuff to make her Dragon Age Origins battle outfit. I am really excited to start it, but first I do need to get a flat belly ! Morrigan is my favorite character from the license, and I hope to do her justice !

After that, I really hope to make Aloy in her Nora Survivor outfit from Horizon Zero Dawn. This game is my favorite from 2017, I still didn’t have the time to play the DLC though, but I am really looking forward to play it ! I hesitated a lot with on of her Banuk outfit, but finally I chose the Nora Survivor because the colors will suit me better.

And finally, if I have the time and if I stop to be afraid by the amount of work, I would love to make my dear Tali from Mass Effect. Tali, Miranda, and of course Femshep are my favorite characters of these games I love so much. I already bought the official Bioware Omni-tool/Omni-blade, but I would like to make one of the games guns myself, not to mention the suit… lots of complicated stuff to do !

Of course, there are also groups planned with my friends but nothing is 100% sure for the time being.

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