Morrigan – DAO : Construction Notes

Hello everyone,

Here is my little crafting and sewing walkthrough for my Dragon Age Origins Morrigan costumes. As you might know, Morrigan is my ultimate favorite character from the Dragon Age franchise. I already made the ball dress she wears in Dragon Age Inquisition, you can see the pictures here. It took me a while to be confident enough to dare make and wear her DAO outfit which shows quite more skin, but here we are 🙂

I started with her draped shawl, i had the fabric in my stash for years for this poject exactly, it is a heavy, slightly shiny jersey knit. I experimented without patterns until i had he shape i wanted and here is the result :

Sans titre

Then i made the feathers brooch with feathers i had lying around for some time too. Her shoulder armor is made out of eva foam and i made the black sleeve with black shiny leatherette.
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The skirt is made out of leatherette and every single belt is handmade. It was hell !! For the bra, i simply use a black bra from my closet and customized it with ribbons and beads. For the necklace i made the basic shape with eva foam, then i found pretty beads online and made the fangs with “patarev”, it is a clay that stiffens by drying.

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Finally i made some bracelets with leather scraps and studs i had in my stash. I painted and assembled the necklace, i know it is not very good, but for me it was enough (i try to get better at painting i swear !). And for her scepter, my friend Hakkai let me borrow her Malificient scepter, and i customized it with whool, pearls and feathers.
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And here is a little backstage pic of the result, with all the team we have gathered for the shooting !

Photographer is Click M Pics, Cecile for the lights, Eiryhan and Hakkai for moral support, pose ideas, make-up and accessories !

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