Autumn Witch – Construction Notes

I had started this costume as a very quick look put together for Halloween 2018. The wig was originally bought for my future Aloy costume, I have bought the headpiece 2 years ago during a convention. I also used my Morrigan yellow lenses and a black piece of fabric and that was it. We took some pics in our living-room with my boyfriend :

Quickly, I thought that it would be cool to make a complete outfit for this witch. So I started to sketch outfits until I got a clear idea of what I wanted to do :

I started by the harness, which I made using only scraps from previous projects : fabric from Yennefer’s jacket, metal buckles, cross charm. It was quite easy to make and I plan to make more, I really loved it.

I also tried something different for the makeup, I wanted something more ethnic, barbaric, tribal.

I already had the waist-cincher in my closet :

Then, I made a very simple chiffon shirt, there is nothing special to say about it… the chiffon fabric is a real horror to sew !

And finally I made a skirt, using only scraps from previous project too. There are 3 different fabrics on it, but as it is black, you can’t really see them… I hadn’t thought about this. So there is, cotton satin, chiffon and mesh.

I wanted to have a victorian silhouette, I quite like it 😊

For the shooting, my friend Little Moino joined me with her Winter witch character and we asked Juk’Lys to be our photographer. We went in the moutains nearby and used smoke effects, i really love the result !

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