Alice Classical – Construction Notes

At the beggining of this year, i made a big closet cleanout, and found 3 meters of blue cotton satin which was initially planned for a pin-up group which never happened. After asking for some ideas of what to do with it in my Instagram story, i suddenly remembered my old Alice plans. Initially i wanted to make the Steam dress from Alice Madness Returns years ago, but i never found a good brown/black striped fabric… and forgot about it. So the classical dress never was a option, until i had this fabric laying around. I also had striped tight and a piece of white cotton for the apron, almost everything to ùmake the complete costume !

I love it when i can use scraps and leftovers and recycle them in a costume.

I started with the basic blue puff-sleeved dress. It was quite straightforward, i use the pattern of my Zelda dress, shortened it and make the puff sleeves from scratch. I added an invisible zipper and decorative stitches.

Meanwhile, i bought the official Vorpal Blade. At first i wanted to make it myself, but i was too tempted by the official one which is beautifull and perfect !

I made the apron in my white cotton scraps from scratch. The fabric is a little bit too thin, but i didn’t want to buy some especially for this. The bow is lined with thermobonding interlining to keep it in shape.

For the boots, i made simple spats with pleather i had left from my Yennefer costume (recycling !). For the symbols on the pockets, i decided to make a rough embroidery.

I have bought a straight black lace-front wig but it was a bit long. It was the first time i had to shorten a wig, and it was quite stressfull, but fortunately my friend Hakkai lent me her hairstyling tools ot make it. I also added a petticoat to give more volume to the dress.

And finally, i made a lens/wig and makeup test. The wig is from “Wig is Fashion“, and the lenses from Ttdeye.

For the shooting, we went to the forest in the moutains, we made a pretty set with a tea party table and butterflies. It was super fun, and i love the result !

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