Morrigan (pin-up) Construction Notes

Morrigan from Darkstalkers is one of my all times favorite figthing games character. I had arleady made her classic outfit in 2002 (a catastrophe 😅), and I wanted to make an upgraded version for so long ! This project is special in a lot of ways :

After having gotten horrible fat-shaming comments on one of my Yennefer pictures, I was really depressed, I took some time to digest it, but quickly I wanted to turn this bad experience into something positive. So, i launched a body positive project, where everybody would make an alternate color of Morrigan’s basic skin to show the same character can be beautiful cosplayed in any body type, gender, skin color etc… , but soon I noticed she was not a super popular character anymore. So instead I changed it in to a more inclusive and wide project : make a bunny girl outfit based on their favorite character. You can find everyone’s projects on social media with #bunnypositive ❤️

As for me, I wanted to stick to my original plan and decided to make this pin-up version of my dear succubus designed by NoFlutter. I will make a bunny girl later 😉

I didn’t take a lot of pictures during the process, but here is everything I made 😉

I ordered custom printed fabric to make the tights, I added a black trim at the back to make it more “vintage” looking. Then I made simple black bloomers in a very soft and light lingerie fabric. I couldn’t find the right style of garter-belt, so I made a very simple one with lingerie elastic I had in my stash.

My green wig comes from Coscraft, I just had to trim the bangs, it was my first time cutting a wig, it was stressful.

The “shoulder feathers” are a simple feather trim I put together.

I made both pair of wings in eva foam and my boyfriend helped me with the paint. The ones of the head are simply skewered on iron spikes I put on a headband which I wear under the wig.

The wings from the back are a one piece object jointed at the middle in “V” shape which is simply tucked in my corset. I had to strengthen the structure with a lot of wire to hold the shape.

And finally, I decorated a corset from my closed with hand sewn purple bias tape.

For the make-up, I wanted something very colorful and a lot of black eyeliner ❤️

We made big photo shoot with all the bunny girls in a old military fort, we had 3 spots, one for each photographer, and it was awesome. I will post the pictures here soon, but some are already on my social media.

I hope the Bunny Positive project will help a lot of people to gain more confidence 😉

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