Tsunade – Construction Notes

If someone had told me i would make a Naruto cosplay one day, i surely would have laughed ! But you never know !

I can never resist a group offer, so i jumped on the occasion to shoot with Ayame and Hakkai as Sakura and Hinata ! Tsunade has always been my favorite female character of the series, because she is compassionate, strong and fun. The costume itself is quite simple and i could easily find all the materials to do it, so let’s go !

I chose simple coton fabric for all the pieces of the costume, because it seemed more accurate to me :

I started with the haori style vest. I made it really simple, just 3 pieces and the collar strip. I first made a mockup in some fabric i had and made myself a cute kimono summer jacket. Once the pattern was adjusted i made the real haori in the green fabric.

The pants are really simple crop pants with darts and a side zipper, quite simple to do. But for the light grey top, i didn’t want a plain kimono without sleeves. I wanted it to be more fitted, so i am top with 4 darts on the cleavage and 2 darts at the back, so i can wear it without the haori and still be pretty. I made a invisble hemline at the sleeves and added the navy blue decoration with cotton bias tape.

The blue obi belt is a simple coto rectangle laced at the back :

And the final look ! I bought a light blond lacefront wig (maybe a bit too light) which i cut and styled in low ponytails. I also where 3 bras to make my boobs look bigger than they actually are XD

The shooting with Raza and Logan was really fun ! I can’t wait to see the final pictures !

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