2019 Overview

So it is time for me to take a look back at 2019 and all the costumes and photoshoots i have done !

Let’s start with my costumes, i made 8 new costumes in 2019, and had the opportunity to shoot again 2 of my 2018 costumes. My year was really full of work, with almost no vacation, so i am quite happy with the result !

I didn’t really respect my plans for the year… the only planned costumes I made were my Witch, Chiaki, Morrigan and Mako Christmas ! All of the others were made spontaneously according to group offers, or because I had all the materials already.

As for my work as a photographer , i have been able to make 14 photoshoots with fantastic models ! I attended 1 convention only during the year, and it was to take pictures. It was a great experience to adapt to the scenery and models i could find and who were kind enough to pose for me. It was a busy year too, and i am really happy with my new gear, the canon EOS80D suits me really well, he has really become my new best friend ! For 2020, i think i will not do as many shoots because i would like to focus more on costume making.

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