Mako Christmas – Construction Notes

As you know i am a big Sailor Moon fan, so when i stumbled upon Riccardo Bacci’s Sailor Moon Christmas fan arts, i immediately wanted to make a cosplay group of them. Usually, i cosplay Setsuna/Pluto but this time i wanted to change and i chose Mako/Jupiter (i love all the characters so it was not a problem to switch ^^).

Here are the fabrics i chose : Green and pink tartan, green corduroy and light beige fake sheep fur.

For the top, i made a simple basqued top, all the fur parts are handsewn :

I made a simple hooded cape, the same pattern as my Yennefer cape, i also handsewed all the fake fur parts.

The skirt is a simple circle skirt, nothing special to say here ! Here is also my wig and makeup test before the shoot. As you can’t see the socks and shoes on the original art, i could choose what i wanted, so i bought pink wollen legwarmers and used second hand green boots.

And finally a little souvenir from the shooting day with all the team !

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