Next Projects

Here is the little list of projects i would like to complete this year. First, i have 4 projetcs which are already strated and who have been postponed for various reasons. I have decided to make them first. I already have most of the material for them so they are my priority this year.

  • Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn
  • Tali from Mass Effect
  • Bayonetta
  • my 18th century style creature

Then there are 2 costumes that were also planned last year and i didn’t have the time to complete them yet : Helen Parr/Ms Indestructible and Miranda Lawson from Mass Effect. I plan to buy these too to have more time for my crafting projects.


These are only my 100% sure projects, of course i have a super long list of costumes i would like to do but… time, money, you know the story.

There are also 3 costumes i have 0 pictures of and that i would like to shot this year :

  • Bayonetta Pool Party
  • Janna Star Guardian from League of Legends
  • Mei casual from Overwatch

And finally there are 2 “secret” group projects in the making : 1 for Halloween and 1 for Christmas.

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