• Hello, it’s time for a new construction notes post ! this time it is for Sailor Pluto’s princess dress from Sailor Moon, made for a complete group of Sailor princesses + Endymion. Sailor Pluto/Setsuna is my ultimate favorite character from Sailor Moon. In the past i have done her basic sailor scout outfit from the

  • Hello again ! Today I am going to tell you everything I did on my Shani costume from The Witcher 3’s DLC “Hearts ofStone”. First here are the fabrics i picked for the different elements of her outfit. It took me a while to find something I really like for her green jacket, mostly because

  • First blog post here : yeah ! So I thought it would be nice to add an English blog on this site, as I already have a blog in French, but it is more general and less “costumes” oriented. Let’s talk about some of my upcoming projects 🙂 I have just finished Shani from The